Ferumbras - VIP Benefits Ferumbras - VIP Benefits
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Vantagens Vips

Why buy VIP?


Ferumbras is free and players are welcome to play for as long as they want, free of any charges. Even so, if you like the game, you can contribute to the server and acquire a VIP Time to elevate your experiences to an extraordinary level. As a VIP player, you will have additional advantages within the game. Get your VIP Time to make the game even more fun!

The following benefits are available for VIP players:


 Access to VIP Areas!

Access to VIP Areas! As a VIP player you can navigate to the mysterious Eternia, Pyre, Bazy Beach, Death Mountain, Malmar, Omaebra, Oken, Gengia, Ethno. Explore huge new areas and dungeons you"ve never seen before. Visit New Towns! Fight with new creatures! Being a VIP player, you will have more to see and more to do.

 3 VIP Outfits with BONUS!

As a VIP player, you will receive +3 VIP Outfits with BONUS!,such this:


 Special NPCs!

Some VIP Area NPCs offer discounts or exclusive services. The NPC on VIP Areas like VIP Xodet sells runes like Long Magic Wall, Wild Growth and others. NPC SOYA buys the loot for a price 10% more expensive and NPC Bless offers the 5 blessings to VIP players, which does not require the use of AoL!


Dont worry anymore about those items that are tedious to collect, use the autoloot system so that it does everything for you automatically!
Autoloot collect the money for you and send it to the bank immediately!

 Trainers X2 with STAMINA REFILLER !

Are you tired of looking for free trainers? Are you tired of losing your place to get more food and ammunition? VIP players can train whenever they want and have access to their Refiller Stamina inside the training booth!

 VIP List greatest capacity!

VIP players have 7x more capacity on their VIP Lists. Add as many friends as you want!

 Higher Depots Capacity!

VIP players can put as many items as they want in their Depots, without major concerns about limits. Save up to 5,000 items safely! This applies only to the depot chest, not the locker.

 Benefits at VIPS Rate!

VIP players receive more loot than frees players, and in a double loot event, that benefit will also be doubled.


The rules are valid for everyone. If a VIP player violates any of the Ferumbras rules, it may be banned or even deleted from the game.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Many other benefits are not listed. It is possible that the current benefits may be changed or even eliminated in the future. Get your VIP Time today and enjoy Ferumbras at its best!


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