Ferumbras - Server Info Ferumbras - Server Info
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Ferumbras Server Info.

Exp Rate:
Level 0 to Level 15 = x5 EXP
Level 16 to Level 30 = x4 EXP
Level 31 to Level 50 = x3.5 EXP
Level 51 to Level 80 = x3 EXP
Level 81 to Level 100 = x2.5 EXP
Level 101 to Level 150 = x1 EXP
Level 151 to Level 199 = x0.5 EXP
Level 200 to Level UNLIMITED = x0.3 EXP
Skill Rate: 2x
Magic Rate: 2x
Loot Rate:
  • Normal: 1x
  • Bosses: 1x
  • Host Location: CANADA
    Creation Date: December 20th 2023
    Versions: 8.60

    Bonus XP
    Public Cast:+25% EXP
    VIP Members:+50% EXP
    Super Annihilator Lever:+100% EXP
    House Donate Lever:+25% EXP

    Exclusive Respawn System (Monsters Respawn)
    Free zones:Respawn 1 - 3 minutes
    VIP Zones:Respawn 25 sec. - 1 minutes

    Stamina Refill (Protection Zones)
    Red Stamina:Restores +1 stamina every 3 minutes in protection zones
    Orange Stamina:Restores +1 stamina every 3 minutes in protection zones
    Green Stamina:Restores +1 stamina every 6 minutes in protection zones
    Stamina Offline:Sleep on your bed (Only on houses) to restore the stamina being offline.

    Stamina Chamber (Training Room)
    Stamina Training Room:Restores +1 stamina every 2 minutes in Training Stamina

    Level protection
    Until level:20

    Party System
  • 100% bonus applies up to 7 members, after which 3% per member drops.

  • Inactivity
    Inactive Players:They will be deleted after 6 inactive months.
    Accounts without characters:Will be deleted in 30 days.
    Abandoned Houses:Will be deleted in 30 days offline.

    Kills/day to Red Skull: 8
    Kills/week to Red Skull: 56
    Kills/month to Red Skull: 224
    Kills/day to Black Skull: 8
    Kills/week to Black Skull: 56
    Kills/month to Black Skull: 224
    White Skull time: 10 minutes
    Red Skull time: 4 days
    Black Skull time: 10 days

    Other Infos
    Ferumbras 100% Possibility to appear every month.
    Ghazbaran 100% Possibility to appear week.
    Orshabaal 100% Possibility to appear week.
    Max characters per account: 5 players
    Level to Buy Houses Whole map level 100+
    House Price: 20000 per sqm
    Where buy Bless?: Command: !aol (price 2 crystal coins, Gives you AOL)
    Where buy Bless?: Command: !bless (price 5 crystal coins, Gives you All blessings)
    Where buy AOL?: Eremo NPC *Cost: 1 Crystal coin. By Command !aol 2 Crystal coin.
    Server Save: Every 60 minutes.

    !commands !spells !promotion !online !serverinfo !aol !frags !uptime
    !guildoutfit !topfrags !rank !cast
    !report !buyhouse !sellhouse !guild /war
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