Ferumbras - Commands Guide Ferumbras - Commands Guide
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Commands on Ferumbras Server

!commands Show the Commands list.
!aol Buy the Amulet of loss (cost 2 crystal coins).
!bless Buy all Blessings (cost 5 crystal coins).
!vials on/off Enable/Disable the vials by using potions.
!world Send message to all by broadcast (Needs Broadcast horn).
!autoloot Show the AUTOLOOT System commands.
!soft/!firewalker Repair your boots (cost 2/5 crystal coins).
!bp Buy x1 Backpack (cost 100 gp).
!spells Show the Spells available.
!task Show the table of currently tasks with your own progress.
!bounty Take action reward by killing some player.
!here/!aqui Show your current position by showing with an effect.
!maptp Travel to some map (needs the Map Travel item).
!online Show how many players are online.
!serverinfo Show the serverinfo box.
!frags See how many Frags you have. (Daily, weekly and monthly).
!uptime Shows how long the server has been online.
!rank !rank level, !rank magic, !rank axe, !rank sword, !rank club, !rank distance, !rank fishing, !rank shield, !rank fist. (Show the TOP Skill or Level)
!cast !cast on, !cast off, !cast password PASSWORDCAST (Turn on , Turn off, Set cast password)
!report !report "GM I need help" "GM I found a bug"
!buyhouse Buy a house (Only one house per character)
!sellhouse Sells your house , DONT FORGET PICK ALL YOUR ITEMS. (WARNING, if you have items on house, IT WILL BE DELETED)
!guild EXAMPLE: !guild Hello everyone (Guild Broadcast)
/war EXAMPLE: /war invite, GUILD NAME (Need to cast on Guild Channel)
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box