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Cast System

What is Cast System?
Cast is a system to stream your game playing, showing in real time you game experience to all viewers.
When Cast is active it will give you +25% Extra EXP by stream your gameplay.

* Active Cast: !cast on
* Deactive Cast: !cast off
* Set password on Cast: !cast password, YOUR_PASSWORD
* Set a description on Cast: !cast desc, YOUR_DESCRIPTION
* Ban a Viewer: !cast ban, VIEWER_NAME
* Unban a Viewer: !cast unban, VIEWER_NAME
* BANS LIST: !cast bans
* Mute a Viewer: !cast mute, VIEWER_NAME
* Unmute a Viewer: !cast unmute, VIEWER_NAME
* List of Mutes: !cast mutes
* List of Viewers: !cast viewers
* Status of Cast: !cast status
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