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Autoloot System
(Need to be VIP)

This system was created to abolish the click and drag system for bp once and for all, which makes the original looting system super tiring and boring .


How it works?

Its simple, just add the item you want to collect and !autoloot item_name , which, after you kill a monster, the autolooting system will do all the dirty work for you.

How to use?

Use the command !autoloot and it will show you all the available options for using this command. The main ones are !autoloot ITEM_NAME (picks up all selected items) and !autoloot money (Collect all types of money from the monsters). Or if you are not sure about to pick some items, you can remove it from Autoloot, just write !autoloot ITEM_NAME (EXAMPLE: !autoloot royal helmet)

List of all commands:

Need to be VIP.

To use the command !autoloot you need to be VIP Then you will have 15 slots available to add items and collect up to 1,000,000,000,000 GP as maximum capacity. When your VIP period ends your list of items is reseted.

How to avoid bugs:

For you to use 100% of the capacity of this autoloot system and the same not to stick, you must organize the backpacks in a correct way. Being the best way: place 1 loot backpack in the main backpack and inside this 20 in each slot of the window. If you put one backpack into the other to infinity, the system will crash and you will not be able to count the number of containers, which will end up resulting in not collecting loot or money.

Image illustrating the organization of backpacks:

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