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Automatically equip energy shield when you are below a certiain amount of health percent: :

Automatically walk to an item on your screen (used on my ots to walk into flames which spawns monsters, but can be useful for other ots too) :

Automatically follow a player with X name: :

Hold target: :

Mana restore (can be good if you wanna edit it more, or just spam it faster): :

Health restore: :

Healing with spells: :

Automatically use an item on your screen (used on my ots for opening boxes that spawn randomly) :

Cast aoe spell when more than X monsters on the screen, else use single target spell: (there is also a version where it doesnt cast aoe spells if there are players on screen if somebody needs) :

Rainbow outfit (should probably be improved by taking your current outfit type, but this also works if you know the outfit looktype) :

Automatically cast utamo vita when below X health, and deactivate again when you are below X mana (useful for paladin on ots with custom mana shield) :

Automatically convert gold coins: :

Automatically cast exura sio on a friend: :

Faster mana potting with textwindow to choose pot :

Faster health potting with textwindow to choose pot :

Faster Healer with textwindow to choose spell:

Multi target spell with textwindow to choose spells :

Auto exeta res with textwindow to choose spell for custom servers :

Anti paralyze:

Auto Haste :

Sio with room for more friends with textwindow :

Mana Trainer :

This code makes all private messages display on your screen, similarly to scripts in windbot/xenobot. Just paste it into the callbacks window and it will work. :

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