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Getting started!

Getting started with Ferumbras Android Cavebot!

Default cavebot config is called cavebot_1.1 (This will change as the bot develops more and more)

This is the main page of the config, here you can find direct links to our Whatsapp Community or Ferumbras forums over our documentation page.

Following screenshot showcase the main cavebot section. This is where most of the scripting will take place when creating your configs.
Now that we know how the cavebot looks like lets dive in to some of the functions the cavebot unlocks for you. As you can see the cavebot already supports a wide variety of pre-created functions for you to use. This includes walking, using shove, rope or any other item on specific locations and best of all you can run your own custom made functions at specific places during your hunt.

How can we do all of the things I said above? Let me show you

Following the picture above you can see the steps to create your first cavebot config.

Click the "Add" button
Enter the name of your config (usually something that relates to what the script will do)
Click "Ok" to create the config
Once you have created your config we can start adding actions to the config. Start by adding 2 waypoints using the "go to" button with green text. Upon pressing "go to" a small little window will popup with your current position. You can modify this value if you want to step next to where you stand etc. Once you are happy with the position press "ok" and then move your character and press "go to" again.

Once you have added the 2 "go to" actions also known as waypoints you can click the button in the top right of the "Cave" tab (next to your cavebot config name) to make your character run to these waypoints.

Hopefully you now know how to create simple waypoints for your bot to run around. Next chapter will cover how to use the "use" and "use with" action.
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